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Art at the Watkins Gallery

June 23 through September 6 

Harry Rich: "The Vermont Years, So Far..."

Hours: Thursdays 5-7 & Saturdays 10-3

It is fitting that the first solo artist exhibition at the new Arlington Common should showcase an established local artist, Harry A. Rich, from Sandgate, who also connects to Arlington’s famed Norman Rockwell. “The Vermont Years, So Far. . .,”  explores the wide range of Rich’s abstract paintings completed in Vermont from 1998 to 2022.

Rich, a graduate of Pratt Institute and Wesleyan University, is a nonrepresentational and abstract painter. He has worked in acrylic for most of his career, exploring and pushing the boundaries of that medium. Rockwell, of course, was a representational painter who worked primarily in oil. Growing up in Albany, Rich delivered newspapers and the Saturday Evening Post. “I fell hard for Norman Rockwell’s cover paintings,” he says. “Even today, seven decades later, I revere his work. It taught me to look, see the magic of paint, and thereby gave me a lifelong career.” Rich didn’t know then that, like Rockwell, he would do a significant portion of his own professional work in a studio just across the Battenkill from Rockwell’s studio.

Susan Weiss: "Great Vermont"

Opening Reception Sep 16, 2022 5pm to 7pm 

"Greater Vermont" is a photographic essay on life and living in post-pandemic Vermont.  By using a variety of photographic genres including documentary, portraiture, and street photography, the images and stories chronicle how we live, what we are doing, and the unique character of Vermont. 

It is an anthropological and documentary study of people and communities throughout the state, and the story of modern life is influenced by hundreds of years of history of people living and working in this part of the country.

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