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Susan Weiss: "Greater Vermont" on display through October 31

"Greater Vermont" is a photographic essay on life and living in post-pandemic Vermont. Using various photographic genres, including documentary, portraiture, and street photography, the images and stories chronicle how we live, what we are doing, and the unique character of Vermont. It is an anthropological and documentary study of people and communities throughout the state. The story of modern life is influenced by hundreds of years of the history of people living and working in this part of the country.

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GREATER VERMONT: The Story of People, Land, and Community

Panel discussion moderated by Maria Reade, Featuring the photography of Susan Weiss

September 22, 5:30-7

Panelists for this event are representatives from the Community Food Cupboard, Grateful Hearts, Burr and Burton Academy, Hildene, Someday Farm.


GREATER VERMONT is the visual story of people, land, and community in the southwestern part of the state and how they interact to better serve the residents. 


Vermont is a dairy and agricultural state, and the number of privately held farms is decreasing yearly due to an aging population, the growth of corporate farming, mechanization, and people leaving the state for better jobs, creating a shortage of farm workers.


In 1969 there were 4,017 privately owned farms. In 2020 that number decreased to 636. Farmers have had to adapt to these changes while the COVID pandemic has brought additional pressures on farms and residents in the community. Many people are now food insecure and rely on a system of farmers, benefactors, and volunteers to create a co-dependent circle of food production, harvest, and the supply of finished meals to sustain the farms and feed the community.

This is the story of that cycle.

A reception with light refreshments will follow the discussion.