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Art at the Doyle Gallery

Norman Rockwell's Arlington: A Holiday Tradition







Join us and view our exhibit, “Norman Rockwell's Arlington: A Holiday Tradition.” 

The multi-media exhibit, curated by Don Trachte, takes a nostalgic step back to a traditional 1950s Christmas, featuring cards made by Norman Rockwell, Don Trachte Sr., Gene Pelham, and other notable artists of the time. Also on display will be an original holiday Christmas recording by Bob Hope, sent to the Trachte family and other Arlington artists of the time. 

The Arlington Artists made their own stylized Christmas cards using darkroom photography and printing presses. The cards expressed peace, love, and hope for their friends. Often, the artists added notes about the family’s children, school, moving, or the health or death of a loved one.


Norman Rockwell published some of his cards through Hallmark Cards Inc., and they became the illustration standard for Christmas cards. Don Trachte Sr. made his cards using a zinc block image from sketches and printing on a flatbed press. Gene Pelham used local models to create Christmas cards published through The American Artists Group printing company. 

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