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Greetings community members, 

Norman Rockwell once said, “Commonplaces never become tiresome. It is we who become tired when we cease to be curious and appreciative.” 

Yes, it would be easy to be tired after a jam-packed, hectic first year of the new Arlington Common. But, instead, we are appreciative and energized by the incredible support the Arlington area community has showered on us! Moreover, we are excited and curious about how the second year will unfold!

In just twelve months since the purchase of the St. Margaret Mary’s Church property, the Arlington Common has accomplished the following:

  • Cleaned and opened all three buildings to the community

  • Launched a fitness center with 15 weekly classes, three of which are free for seniors

  • Curated four art exhibits

  • Partnered with the Arlington Community Public Health Nursing Service to sponsor two week-long, free middle school summer camps

  • Hosted the first Annual Battenkill Fly Fishing Festival bringing over 300 people to town and raising over $5,000 for Battenkill restoration work

  • Fundraised over $60,000 for two new pickleball courts, soon under construction

  • Received grant funding totaling almost $600,000 for the restoration of our old buildings (all grants funds are earmarked for specific projects and not included in our operating expenses)

  • Hosted the first annual Parking Lot Party and ten Thursday Nights Out, bringing our community together

  • Developed the first of three driving apps, encouraging tourism in Arlington 

  • Formed countless partnerships, clubs, volunteer groups, panels, discussion groups, and friendships 

The Arlington Common is off to a great start, and we need your support to continue our momentum. In our second year, we plan to enhance the Fitness Center, offering a wider variety of classes for the whole community. We also expand our youth programming. Of course, we will continue to display local artists, promote tourism in Arlington, and host events for all.

Your tax deductible, generous donation to The Arlington Common will help us bring the Arlington area together through community, creativity, and wellness.

Thank you in advance for your generosity,

The Arlington Common Board of Directors: 

Bill Bullock, Bebe Bullock, Carol Farley, Ned Reade, Don Trachte,

Sue Boland-Harter & Joyce Kennedy

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